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Fire Emergency Guidelines :

  •  If you discover a fire:
  •  Alert people in the area of the need to evacuate
  •  Activate the nearest fire alarm
  •  Call Public Safety
  •  Extinguish the fire, if it can be done safely

What is Fire?

Fire is a chemical reaction that gives off light and heat.

What are the Requirements for a fire to burn:

  •  If you discover a fire:
  •  Heat : To raise the temperature to the ignition point
  •  Oxygen : Available in Air
  •  Material: Something to burn.

What are the Stages of Fire:

Incipient- This first stage begins when heat, oxygen and a fuel source combine and have a chemical reaction resulting in fire.
Growth- The growth stage is where the structures fire load and oxygen are used as fuel for the fire. It is during this shortest of the 4 stages when a deadly “flashover” can occur; potentially trapping, injuring or killing firefighters.
Fully Developed – When the growth stage has reached its max and all combustible materials have been ignited, a fire is considered fully developed. This is the hottest phase of a fire and the most dangerous for anybody trapped within.
Decay Decay stage is characterized as significant decrease in oxygen or fuel, putting an end to the fire. Two common dangers during this stage are first – the existence of non-flaming combustibles, which can potentially start a new fire if not fully extinguished.Second, there is the danger of a backdraft when oxygen is reintroduced to a volatile, confined space.


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